Lost Your Job? Now What!

Change Coach

Have You Experienced Any of the Following?

  • Job loss due to company downsizing?
  • Losing your job because of company relocation?
  • Losing your quality of life because of someone else's decision?
  • Discovering your income level has reached its max?
  • Feelings of being stuck, dissatisfied and unhappy in work that does not allow you to be all that you know you can be?

Change Coach expert, Terry Kohl, says:

"Losing your job is the best thing that could happen to you!"

Author empowers readers with an “Anything is possible” attitude. Her 12 Days of Power Program teach how to use your most powerful tool — your mind — in finding your true life’s work. 

The 12 Days of Power contain:

  • the road map to your perfect job
  • the recognition you deserve
  • exercises to empower you and create your route to success
  • the life-changing path to an abundant and fulfilling career
  • a daily affirmation
  • a Zen in the kitchen recipe for each Day of Power

In her book, Lost Your Job? Now What!, Kohl gets down to the nitty gritty.

"Each of us sets our own limits in life,” Kohl states. “Some of us go a short way and then stop, because we can’t conceive of more. What if anything was possible? What if you really could have it all?"

Kohl, who calls herself a Change Coach, speaks from experience. Having moved 35 times in her 60 years and worked countless jobs while zigzagging across the country, she has learned to embrace, rather than avoid, change. She found her passion in the automotive industry and considers it her mission to help others find theirs.

In Lost Your Job? Now What! you will discover:

  • What the meaning of success is for you.
  • How to attain it on your own terms and not be living someone else’s idea of life.
  • How to use the most powerful tool you have always had—your mind!